5 Must-Have Tech Gadgets for the Runner in you

5 Must-Have Tech Gadgets for the Runner in you

Humans are born to runRunning is one of our basic instincts. It is when we are the most free. It is us alone, on this planet earth, who can run on two legs. And running on these two legs is what has motivated to get us to our dreams and desires.

We run to feel alive, we run to get fit, we run to feel good & now we run cause its trending. Today running has become the most trending fitness activity worldwide. There are now hundreds of cool and innovative gadgets to help you look and feel awesome while you RUN!

The 5 tech gadgets that every runner should have in 2018:

1) A Smartwatch:

A smartwatch is a runner's best friend. Whether you are a beginner or a marathoner, it doesn't matter. A smartwatch needs to adorn your wrist as you run now. These help you track everything from steps you take to speed you run at. With advanced computing algorithms, now these watches help track your running speed and giving you information about your speed vis a vis your past runs or friends or a virtual opponent.

While a basic smartwatch would be able to track your steps, calories and distance covered, today technology has advanced far. There are watches will help you map your run with GPS. With heart rate tracking advancing leaps and bounds, today's watches track your heart-rate and monitor it to help you train better. Hydration tracking is an upcoming field with startups now able to check your hydration levels from analyzing your wrist skin under the watch strap.

The smartwatch now covers a lot more with BP and blood O2 levels also tracked allowing you to train all that better and knowing when to increase and decrease the tempo. Synced with your phone and 4G, now receive and make calls on the go without skipping a step.

Best smartwatches : Apple iWatch, Garmin Fenix 3, Mvyno Ironcloud


2) Wireless Earphones:

Whether you need them for music or attending calls or getting those motivational messages, Earphones are your partner for every run.

Airpods wearing running woman

Been around for an awfully long time, wireless earphones have got a new lease of life thanks to Apple's AirPods. Just link how QWERTY phones quickly became like dinosaurs, wired headphones are sliding down the same path.

No longer feel wire's jumping around as you go for that morning run. With ergonomically designs, these tiny earphones pack a punch. With numerous suppliers and designs in the market, choose one which suits your ears. Their amazing design helps them surprisingly through all the shaking and jumping that your head goes through on a typical run.

With nano Bluetooth technology and nano lithium batteries, these truly wireless earphones can be charged on the go with their charging cases and thus removing that excuse you had for not going for a run on that business trip.

Pair them with your smartphone or smartwatch to get streaming music or any other information you desire and look awesome as you run fast and hard. 

Best wireless earphones: Apple Airpods, Mvyno X8, TicPod Free


3) A Running App:

Well this is not really a gadget. But hey it's the world of Software and AI. Is there anything truly done anymore with software?

A number of running apps can be got on your smartphone from Apple iStore or Android PlayStore. Led by the Nike+ Running App, there are numerous great apps to help you run better and smarter. Just download them onto your phone and press GO and off you are on course to running better and faster.

These apps provide everything from basic tracking of runs to managing your historical run data. Compare and compete with friends to get motivated and link directly to your social media. That's the basic stuff, now the fancy : Get into the guided running mode to get motivational speeches while running the best motivators there. Start their training program and follow the simple steps there to go from a couch potato to marathon running in 8 weeks.

Be rest assured you will hate and love how these apps motivate you to get off bed and out off the comfort of your blanket on that wet windy morning. 

Best Running App : Nike+ Running app


4) Running Armband:

Though a little outdated now, with these awesome smartwatches which are making your mobiles redundant, we do sympathize with all you Nomophobians out there who want cant stay a couple of feet away from their mobile phones.

An armband can help protect your smartphone and keep it with easy range while you run. If you are running with your phone in your pocket, do us all a favor, DON'T. If you are not convinced with how it spoils your form and how it is not healthy, just stop because it looks really uncool flapping around in your pocket.

Best Running armband : Aeoss


5) Hydration Tracker:

Now this is getting into the experimental tech right out of a James Bond movie. The latest buzz at CES 2018 was hydration tracking.

I know you are probably thinking, those boring manual entries into your app. NO! A latest startup based out of silicon valley has cracked the code of analyzing the moisture level of your skin and developed an algorithm to deduce your hydration levels. Running while drinking the ideal amount of water is the best way to help run longer, and with this band you can actually track that scientifically. 

With 85% accuracy, what this can be used well is comparative analysis. By giving it a week and entering your different levels of thrust, you can help this AI learn and then give you comparative analysis of your hydration levels across runs. Can be pretty cool to end up a run not feeling thirsty at all.

Experimental Hydration tracker : HealBe


Get out there and go for a run, a mile, 5K or 10K, doesn't matter as long as you hit the road hard and fast.


"Run Often, Run Long, But never outrun your joy of running"

Julie Iophording, Olympic runner

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