About Us

Rafting down Zanskar river, deep in Ladakh's barren frozen desert, miles from civilization and sitting with a Buddhist monk 80 miles from the nearest road was where MVYNO was born

After two years of designing and intense travelling, burning of midnight candles and those dreaded red eye flights, early morning breakfast meetings to late night networking parties. We are here at last.

MVYNO, our brand, is launched aiming at those adventurous spirits who challenge the norm and push above and beyond. The myths run on, but it is said MVYNO stands for My Win 

Getting technology to your fingertips while re-imagining everyday use products by adding our flavor of magic to it. We have married technical wizardry with intricate designing to make a range of amazing accessories and electronics.

We hope to serve the needs of every person out there exploring the myriad landscapes and beauty of India. Doing our bit to inspire people to break free & break out. Launching in the era of the disrupter, where you have to
"Disrupt or Be Disrupted"