The MVYNO MPods X8 review guide

The MVYNO MPods X8 review guide

Mvyno MPods on grass


Welcome to the MVYNO family.


We hope you are enjoying your X8 MPods. If you haven't bought them yet, why dont you head over to MPods X8 and grab yours today.


So whether you have your X8 or are planning to buy soon, the below guide would help you get up to speed with the various features and Bluetooth connectivity process.


Quick Guide

  1. We recommended to charge the MPods for an hour before first use.
  2. Take both MPods in your hands and press the buttons on both together for about 4 to 5 seconds until the blue lights start blinking on both. Leave the buttons and then wait until one pod blinks blue every 5 secs and the other blinks red and blue continuously.
  3. Go to your phone --> Switch on Bluetooth --> Find device X8-TWS --> Press connect and Test connection.

The below video also shows in brief the process of how to get the MPods started and into the Bluetooth connectivity mode


Some technical specs of the MPods X8 if you are into nerdy stuff like us:

  • Product Name : TWS Bluetooth Headset
  • Product Model : X8-TWS
  • Bluetooth Version : v5.0
  • Wireless Range : 10-15 mts
  • Wireless Frequency : 2405 – 2480 mHz
  • Transmission Power : Class 2
  • Battery Capacity : 40 mAh
  • Charge Voltage : 5V
  • Charge Time : 50 min
  • Working Time : 3-4 Hours talking, 2-3 Hours music
  • Standby Time : 7-10 Days
  • Weight : about 3.50 gms


We hope you like this basic tutorial about connecting the bluetooth on the MPods X8 with your smartphone. Stay tuned for an indepth technical analysis coming up soon.

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