Wireless Headphones : 5 Benefits of Truly Wireless Earphones

Wireless Headphones : 5 Benefits of Truly Wireless Earphones

Most of us have now seen a man walking down a busy street, seemingly talking like a Madman to himself only to then suddenly see that small white earphone in his ear. Whatever you call them: Headphone, earphone, or in fact now “Ear Pods”, the industry for wireless speakers for ears have gone through a complete disruption in 2018.

As happens with any industry that Apple decides to enter, it has managed to shake the incumbents and cause more development in the past 6 months than the past 6 years in the speaker industry. Now not just as a fashion statement, there is actually a lot that you can do with your wireless earphones.  There are a lot more uses to wireless earphones than just using it for phone conversations.

From being used by workaholics who love to multitask, to keeping hands free to hold the shopping bags at a mall, to runners and joggers to mom's who can now talk to their friends while holding the baby in their arms; Wireless headphones have set a new comfort standard and become a norm for music and communication. Some of the benefits of truly wireless headphones are

1) No More Wires:

The greatest benefit of using wireless earphones is that it gives us the freedom to stay detached from the cables and wires.  Wireless earphones are all about mobility and freedom.  Being hands-free and cord-free, you can easily continue to work or workout as you communicate. If you are at home, you carry on with your household chores while talking to an old friend over the phone.  The wires and cables of headphones often are stuck to something or the other. And of course all of us have spent those countless irritating seconds untangling those mess & knots the wire somehow always seem to be in. Wireless Earphones will save you from this horror. For fitness enthusiasts, wireless headphones would be the perfect accompaniment for any run as it gives him full freedom and mobility. You can now easily take a jog or run across the park while listening to your favourite playlist.


2) Great Sound Quality:

A good quality wireless earphone comes with good bass and noise cancellation technology with data transferred over Bluetooth. With the amazing advances in wireless communication technology and especially Bluetooth, the sound quality is now better in wireless than wired speakers. This is because their is zero wear and tear associated with wires and so cleaner sound always through these wireless headphones. So, you do not need to worry about compromising with the quality of sound. You will feel the same beats through a wireless headphone as compared to wired and in fact over the lifespan of the headphones , a wireless one will perform much better.


 3) Walk & Talk:

While walking on the street or while coming back from the local market, holding the phone the entire while can be quite a big irritation. One hand is completely engaged in holding the phone, which is not at all convenient in any situation. The wireless earphones give you the freedom to carry on with the daily tasks while engaging in a little extra. You can talk more, listen to your favourite tracks more and even walk more without being disturbed by the messy cables and wires.  If you are getting a call while listening to the music over the wireless earphone, it also enables you to attend the call. After the calls end, you can immediately return to the song exactly where you left.


4) The Chic Factor:

Wireless earphones are not just a savior from the cables, it is also a style statement. They are the "in" thing this season. Wireless earphones look incredibly stylish and sophisticated.  Don't just stick to the white ones anymore, these wireless headphones now come in all shapes and sizes.  From sporty looking sleek black ones to the elegant rose gold colored ones.


5) Pair with any device:

Bluetooth is one of the greatest inventions and it is simply bewildering how Bluetooth has made its entry into almost arena of our life. From drawing room to the car, Bluetooth connectivity has linked together almost every device of our house. These wireless headphones are Bluetooth enabled and so can be paired with any and all Bluetooth devices you have, given you smooth access to all your devices.


So what are you waiting for, go out there and grab your Apple Airpods or MVYNO Mpods or Bose TWS today.

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